I investigate visual dialogues within our manufactured surroundings. I believe that even the most detailed and visually-intense built environments can encompass raw and simple propositions. I peel away sculptural complexities to reveal understated metaphors and expose simplistic undertones.

Untitled photo

Kareem Negm is a sustainability-driven architect and award-winning, published photographer. He was born in 1979 to an artistic family and currently resides in Vancouver, BC. 

Kareem has travelled considerably throughout Asia, the Middle East, as well as North and South America. He has been to countries such as Tajikistan, Cuba, and Bolivia. Realizing that he wanted to share his experiences from around the world, Kareem launched this website in 2009. 

Specializing in cityscapes, architecture and abstracts, Kareem has had many works published and shot the cover of Middle East ARCHITECT Magazine twice in 2009. In 2015, he won first place in the 'Spaces of Light' Photography Awards in Abu Dhabi. His shot was selected from 9,000+ entries from over 70 countries. Most recently, he won the grand prize in the 'Flying View' photography competition in Paris. His shot was selected from 60,000+ entries from around 200 countries.
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